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Bring A Summer Feel To Your Home

Summer is coming and your home doesn’t feel like it at all? Then it is high time to pick one or more trends that you want to bring into your interior and freshen up for the season. All of these trends are current decor trends for modern houses and immediately give your room a summery flair, so that you get a refreshing summer interior. Let’s start!

Wicker touches

Wicker and rattan accents and elements always give interiors a relaxed exterior touch, as these materials are typically used for exterior spaces. These can be wicker stools in your kitchen, a wicker sideboard for storage in any room, an arrangement of wicker lampshades, a wicker armchair or a rattan end table – anything you like and go with your interior. Don’t put too much furniture like this, just a few items will be fine.

Bold wallpaper

Flashy wallpapers are, by and large, a hot trend. If you want to freshen up your home for the summer, choose tropical leaf, fruit, flower and flamingo prints that scream summer, try nautical prints for nautical or coastal spaces, and just choose bright and colorful geometric patterns and other prints that add color and brighten up the room. Just a statement wall is enough to give your room a summery flair. So it won’t take long. If you use removable wallpaper, you can change it any time of the year.

Light ceilings

A light ceiling is another cool idea to freshen up your space. It is very atypical and looks very unusual in any room. You don’t need to incorporate prints here, just choose light shades that you like: turquoise, yellow, red, orange, pink, fuchsia and so on. An ideal combination is a neutral or monochromatic room and a very light ceiling in a few solid colors. Let yourself be inspired and feel like you’re in summer!

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