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Bright Tropical Bedroom Designs

If you want to feel the summer and the heat all the time, and not just the warm season, there is a great idea – make a tropical bedroom! Bright colors lift your mood, help you wake up and recharge your batteries from the start. The easiest way to create a jungle feel is with tropical foliage print wallpaper or birds, and they shouldn’t be all green. The best furniture for such a room is modern in light colors or colonial in dark tones or even made of bamboo. Green accessories such as pillows, bed linen and bedspreads complete the look. Bamboo walls, tropical-style wall art and suitcase-shaped dressers are entirely up to you, depending on what you like and what impression you want to make. Let’s take a look at some tips to highlight the tropical decor in the bedroom.


Tropical decor can be mixed with many different styles, but favorites are glamor, boho, colonial, modern mid-century, and minimalist or contemporary. Decide on the style you want and think about how to bring the tropical aesthetic to this space. There are tons of ways to do this by various means and you will see a few of them below.


Textures are important in avoiding boring looks, and even if you’ve opted for bright colors, textures should be used too. To create a tropical space, you will need wood, rattan, wicker, and jute, which are included in the decor. This can be done with furniture, lampshades and lamps and carpets – in the amount and with the look that you think is appropriate for your bedroom.

How to bring a tropical feeling

The most popular and budget-friendly idea is rocking tropical textiles: bed sheets, curtains, blankets, pillows, bedspreads and other things can instantly bring a tropical feeling to the room and you will not spend a lot of money, and textiles are easy to swap. Another idea is to rock a statement tropical print wall or even walls, choose a brightly printed wallpaper, and be done! If you want an accent wall, this can also be done with bamboo. Potted plants and palms in baskets are good ideas for freshening up the room and setting the mood. Tropical-inspired artwork is amazing and budget-friendly pieces to create an ambience. Check out the examples we’ve prepared and get inspired to create your own tropical oasis!

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