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Breakfast Bar Ideas

In the conditions of lack of space, not every desired zone and space can be accommodated. A breakfast nook is a great place to enjoy your mornings while you eat and talk to your family, but not everyone can have one. What to do? Go for a breakfast bar! A breakfast bar is a smaller area that doesn’t take up that much space, so it can be squeezed into a small kitchen. There are different ideas for such a breakfast bar. Let’s look at the coolest.

Windowsill breakfast bar

A window sill is a nice piece to use as a breakfast table or simply for meals and drinks. If possible, make a large windowsill and add a couple of stools for comfort. The windowsill can not only be in the kitchen – you can occupy any other room, for example, a balcony. Add in potted greens and flowers here and there and voila – you have an amazing breakfast bar with a view and lots of natural light. Impressive!

Wall-mounted breakfast bar

A wall-mounted table or tabletop is a great idea for a tiny space. It is also suitable for the smallest room solution. Attach a tabletop anywhere and add stools. That’s all you have to do. To make the room even more functional, imagine a foldable wall panel. Mark the zone with pendant lights and lights, add a blackboard sign or wall to make it stand out, and place some green to visually separate the space.

Kitchen Island breakfast bar

Use your small kitchen island as a breakfast bar! It can be a good idea to save a lot of space – only eat there when it is not in use for cooking. There are also cool kitchen islands with a raised table part to use as a bar – that’s exactly what you need to save space and still get a bar. You can also put a tabletop in a place that doesn’t take up much space and add stools there. Check out some ideas we have prepared!

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