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Bold Modern Bedside Lamp

We see bedside lamps in a variety of design styles, but none of them looked like this one. Svamp by designer Christoph Andrejcic has both strong form and function, which makes it an extremely interesting design that is just as good with the lights off as with the lights on.

The light emerges gently from the translucent upper part and calmly bathes the side table in light. In addition, there is the most unique feature that gives the product great function. The donut-shaped bowl can be used to hold small items while the smaller subsection can keep items separate. A dark blue has been used for the color on the inner top area and on the translucent base, while there is a free orange on the power cord and top subsection to add an interesting image and make a strong and bold statement.

This bold modern lamp is ideal for modern spaces and very functional. You don’t need a large bedside table as you can store things on the lamp – get one for your space quickly!

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