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Bold Apartment With Galore

When renovating the waterfront apartment, interior designer and art collector Chasing Wang avoided fashion and trends for a more personal and permanent interior. Rather than picking furniture based on an overall aesthetic, Wang turned the design process on its head, putting together a diverse collection of art and design pieces just because he loved them, and then intuitively combining them into bold but elegant compositions. From antiques to art deco to modernist and postmodern pieces, Chinese murals, Moroccan carpets to contemporary paintings, the apartment in a paradigm of eclecticism and creative expression, as well as evidence of Wang’s iconoclastic design ethos.

As you enter the living and dining areas, a muted palette of white, beige, and gray provides the backdrop for a vibrant and diverse collection of works of art displayed close to a minimalist black marble fireplace. The living room opens up to the study, where the muted tones of the former are exchanged for a much more dramatic ambience, which is surrounded by black and white wallpaper with scenes from the opera. The tea room with its cherry-red wall paint is a treasure trove of vintage furniture from all over the world.

Wang’s mix-and-match approach extends to the bedroom too, with light veneer wall panels, two French Napoleon III-style red velvet brass chairs used as bedside tables, and an Art Deco marble fireplace that is reminiscent of black and white Palette of a handmade Moroccan rug and a shell-shaped marble wall scone. In the adjoining dressing room, the combination of mirrored cabinet doors with a colorful carpet by Henri Matisse creates a kaleidoscopic effect of infinite reflections in a playful juxtaposition with the elegant sophistication of the bedroom, which only further confirms the iconoclastic audacity of Wang’s design Ethos.

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