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Boho Porches

Boho chic and gypsy styles are free spirited and very relaxed while being lively and bright. Boho home decor is easy to recreate as it doesn’t require a lot of matching, and you can get some reclaimed and vintage pieces and lots of DIY decor. If you’re in the mood for some boho decor for your home and don’t know where to start, let’s try building a boho porch. A porch is the first room your visitors see. So why not encourage your guests to feel free spirited and comfortable at the same time? Here are some tips to make your porch boho chic and delight guests.


Choose pieces of furniture based on the size of your room: if it’s small, choose just a few items – a rocking bench, chair, or ottoman. If it is large, feel free to set up a sitting area and maybe a dining and sleeping area as well. Which furniture for a boho entrance? Go for a boho or vintage table, some rattan benches and chairs, a leather ottoman, and a wicker table. A vintage chest can be used as a side table, and a macrame hammock can be a nice piece for a small porch too, and it looks very boho. If you fancy bright colors, choose brightly colored and light upholstery or neutral upholstery if you fancy bright colors.


Decor makes room for the boho! First take candle lanterns, Moroccan better, to light the porch, or if you prefer basket lampshades for pendant lights. Second, look for brightly colored printed textiles: carpets, bedspreads, pillows that have a strong boho feel and are easy to tinker with if you fancy crafting and sewing. Third, add baskets and wicker and rattan accents for a free-spirited feel. One of the most important things for a boho space is rocking potted greens and plants – it can be placed anywhere, and if there isn’t enough space – hang the planters and you can create an entire hanging garden! Do you want a boho feel? Make a real teepee right on the front porch!

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