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Boho Decor Accessories Ideas

Boho style in all its beauty is currently the most popular style for home decor, whether you combine it with modern, vintage, contemporary or rustic from the middle of the century. Most of all, if you are unsure how to properly pull off such a decor in your home, the main thing you need to know is that the boho decor style is about details. Heavy use of layered textiles, distressed and mismatched items, versatile accessories – see our guide to all of these parts below!

Add more textiles

Using textiles is key to a bohemian look. Rugs, tapestries, blankets, throws, and wall hangings are a perfect way to furnish your boho space without breaking the bank and seriously changing the decor. Layering carpets is a classic bohemian design trick – it creates a more visually interesting space. Also, don’t be afraid to mix up patterns. If the space is designed correctly, everything will melt together and look seamless. Macrame wall hangings are a recent trend, but they add texture and depth to a room.

Improve your accent and accessory game

Accessories are a great way to maintain the bohemian aesthetic. Nothing shiny and new is needed – make all the decor look like it has been collected over the years. Vintage stores are your best bet for this and whip out any family heirlooms or antiques that may have accumulated in your attic! If you incorporate nature into your decor by incorporating succulents, spider plants or grapevines, you will receive important bonus points. Moroccan-inspired stools are fun ways to add more seating or lounge space to a room. Lanterns, vintage chandeliers, and pendant lights are your go-to places to light up your room. And remember that while bohemian style is rather eclectic, it can still be chic and glamorous. So don’t be afraid to try an ornate chandelier or chunky gold-framed mirror. Check out the ideas below for some inspiration!

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