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Boho Bathrooms

The boho chic style is extremely popular. You can see boho details everywhere from outfits to room decorations. Would you like to create such spaces in your home? I have some ideas for you! Today’s recap is devoted to boho bathrooms. Feel free to steal ideas for your own space!

What styles to mix

Boho chic or free spirited style is amazing, and you can mix it up with modern, Moroccan, and even mid-century modern space by just adding a few boho accents to it. Decide whether you want a colorful or a more neutral room and decorate accordingly: with black and white mosaic tiles, with brightly patterned tiles for a Moroccan feeling, cover the walls with white concrete or plaster for a desert or simply boho feeling .

Furniture and appliances

Go for a freestanding bathtub, better a claw-foot bathtub, for that cool boho look. Opt for wooden furniture – vanities, cupboards, wood-clad mirrors, bathroom caddies – they can look vintage or modern depending on the ambience you want. You can also try adding some texture and interest with shiny details like a hammered metal sink, copper end table, and tree stump ottoman for a bolder look.

Accessories and decor

Decor and accessories make a boho room really boho-esque. First of all, you need plants and greenery to decorate the room – turn it into a garden! This is a great idea for livening up the space and making it boho. Boho rooms are marked with live plants. Jute, boho printed or faux fur rugs are welcome for a boho bathroom. Set up several wicker baskets for storing towels or washing, also use a wooden ladder for storage – it doesn’t take up much space, but looks rather free-spirited. Add some artwork and it should be folk, boho, creative. You can even use a map as a work of art. Hang up a fringed curtain and put some candles in candle holders to relax. If you want a Moroccan feel, add Moroccan lanterns and candle holders with colored glass. Enjoy your free-spirited oasis!

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