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Blue Kitchen Decor Ideas

Blue is a color loved by everyone – it has stunning hues that will suit any room or event. Blue has become a popular color for many designers and decorators. They rock different hues in the rooms and houses that they design. Blue goes well with modern and vintage, industrial and glamor, coastal and rustic and many other rooms. It’s very relaxing and absolutely timeless. Today I’m going to share a lot of blue eye candy for those of you who are into blue: these are going to be blue kitchens of different tones. Let’s start!

Blue kitchen furniture

Choose your blue color and boldly rock such cabinets. Everything is possible here, from soft pastel serenity blue and light blue to cobalt or navy. Light blue, serenity, and other peaceful hues are great for coastal, rustic, shabby chic, and vintage kitchens, but of course you can rock them for other styles too. All shades of blue can be accentuated even better with brass or copper handles and touches throughout the kitchen. That way, it looks more glamorous.

Pastel shades are perfect for vintage, shabby chic, coastal, and other styles. They go well with white or neutral countertops with marble or tile backsplashes. Brass and copper add glamor and chic, and mosaic tiles are a great idea to add eye-catching to the cabinets.

Bold shades of blue like cobalt and electro look really cool in retro or vintage kitchens and modern kitchens too. Such cabinets can be made even cooler with white marble backsplashes or tile and countertops made of white or natural wood that add a rustic touch.

Dark blue shades are perfect for modern, industrial, vintage and atmospheric kitchens. In order not to make the kitchen so dark, you can rock white tiles and marble or choose calm shades of gray. If the kitchen is very dark and you don’t want it to visually steal the space, try white wall cabinets and dark blue ones on the floor – this will make the kitchen look light.

Blue kitchen islands

If you’re not ready to rock a bold blue kitchen, or just can’t change the color right now, just try a blue kitchen island. This is a chic way to give the kitchen a coastal or coastal feel, or to add a colorful touch to the room. If there are no other blue details here, you can connect the kitchen island to the room with the same countertops. Enjoy!

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