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Blue Bathroom Ideas

A popular color for home decor, blue is widely used in bathrooms as it is a symbolic color for water. Plus, blue is a very calming and relaxing color, and a bathroom is one place we definitely want that to be. I bet you’ve all seen a lot of blue in bathrooms, and if you want to rock a few shades of blue in yours, do it in a non-boring way. How? Here are a few ideas.

Wall decoration

Wall decor is the first thing that comes to mind to add interest to your space and the same goes for bathrooms. First, decide which shade of blue you want – navy is a classic and goes with any style, but some of you may think it’s too dark. Pale and light blue tones create a relaxed feeling and are especially cool for coastal baths. Light turquoise and blue accents enliven the room. If you are in the mood for an atmospheric bathroom, go for midnight blue. The walls can be spiced up with tiles, wallpaper, and various panels. Here it all depends on the style and look you want. Don’t be over the top – you don’t need all walls to be the same color and material. Make an accent wall or mark a shower or sink with such an accent.

Furniture and furnishings

If you don’t want to make radical changes, try a blue vanity with the look and shade you want – you can even make one yourself so you don’t have to spend a lot of money and when you’re tired of it just change. Highlight it with brass, silver, or copper accents to make it look more elegant. Blue bathtubs and sinks are welcome too if they suit your style, but don’t use one in front of a blue wall – they look tasteless. Check out more ideas and get inspired!

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