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Blue And Brown Kitchens

We continue to inspire your next kitchen renovation, and this time we’re talking about a very unusual color scheme that isn’t usually seen everywhere: blue and brown. Why is it an unusual color scheme? Since warm and cold hues are usually not confused in a room, despite a modern approach that says it’s cool, many homeowners still skip this idea. How do you pull these colors together correctly?


Blue and brown isn’t just about rocking blue and brown cabinets – you can go for a more interesting idea. You can opt for blue cabinets with richly stained wood countertops – this is your serving of brown to complement the scheme, and a wooden hood and / or backsplash continue the combination. You can also use vintage copper as the shade of brown – go for a copper sink or backsplash, or opt for brick walls combined with blue cabinets – go for brownish brick colors. It’s quite difficult to work with this color scheme. So if you want to add other colors, classic white or black is a good idea – the first to freshen up the space and the second to add some graphic detail.

Furniture and decor

Choose the style for your kitchen and work from it. For example, if you’ve decided on a farmhouse or vintage style, rocking deep blue or light blue cabinets with stained wood countertops is a good idea. Add brass, copper or gold and your kitchen will be super chic. If you want to get quirky, you can try natural wooden cabinets and light blue appliances – a refrigerator, stove, and others. A modern country kitchen can be fitted with blue cabinets, white countertops and brown brick walls and a backsplash. Check out more ideas below and get inspired!

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