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Black White Living Rooms

Black and white color scheme is a classic that always works – I don’t know what colors to use – monochrome! This color scheme offers the right contrast and can be spiced up with any other color and print – everything looks fine with these basics. Today we’re taking a look at some chic black and white living rooms and ways to implement this color scheme. Let yourself be inspired!


You can go for many styles as black and white go with almost anything you can think of: boho, contemporary, modern, minimalist, Scandinavian, sophisticated glamor and so on. Nordic and Scandinavian living rooms are the most commonly seen in black and white, although you can go anywhere, even farmhouse. You can also mix them up to create a unique living room with its own character.

Color proportions

Find out how much of each color you will be using: will it be a moody room or one that is airy and flooded with light? Dark rooms are very popular, especially elegant and sophisticated black living rooms, but you can always freshen up such a room with a touch of white and cream. Light-filled and airy rooms never go out of style, you can splash them a little with black accents – accent walls, some furniture and accessories, pots and other things you want. More or less the same proportions of these two colors are sure to give you a particularly bold space. This is a bright room to stay in!

How to wind up

Black and white may seem boring, but there are several easy ways to avoid neutral looks. The first idea is to add natural wood elements – stained furniture, tree stump stools, and wooden benches. The second – and timeless option – is to freshen up the room with potted greens. Green is better for refreshing than flowers. Another way to go is by adding metallics – lamps, chandeliers, and even bed frames. Textiles can also be a great idea to add texture to – fur rugs, chic velvet curtains, fluffy and catchy pillows.

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