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Black White Bedrooms

Tired of all these neutrals? Don’t you like bright colors? Do you prefer timeless color schemes that always work? If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, choose black and white. This is a classic and utterly timeless color scheme, with adequate contrast to keep it interesting and cool enough. We have prepared a whole range of black and white bedrooms first, take a look around and get inspired!


You can go for many styles as black and white go with almost anything you can think of: boho, contemporary, modern, minimalist, Scandinavian, sophisticated glamor and so on. You can also mix them up to create a unique bedroom space with a character.

Color proportions

Atmospheric rooms are very popular, so you can rock a lot of black and simply freshen it up with white accents – bedding, carpets, and curtains, for example – and add white lamps. If you prefer light-filled and airy spaces, go for all white and sprinkle it a bit with black – black bedside tables, pillows, benches, and lamps. If you love contrasting looks, go for a black accented wall, black lamps on white walls, a white upholstered bed against a black wall, and so on – play with colors.

How to wind up

Black and white may seem boring, but there are several easy ways to avoid neutral looks. The first idea is to add natural wood elements – stained furniture, tree stump stools, and wooden benches. Another way to go is by adding metallics – lamps, chandeliers, and even bed frames. Textiles can also be a great idea to add texture to – fur rugs, chic velvet curtains, fluffy and catchy pillows.

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