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Black Marble Home Decor Ideas

Marble continues to dominate trends in home decor and gives an impression of sophistication and timelessness. You will increasingly see marble being incorporated into renovations to provide sophistication and a sense of luxury. Marble can get into even the smallest of details like a mirror or lamp, or as grand as an entire wall or entrance floor, and we want to share some great ideas on perhaps the most sophisticated type of marble – black marble.

Black marble in the kitchen

Black marble makes every kitchen sophisticated! A moody contemporary, Scandinavian, farmhouse, modern, minimalist and any other kitchen can be highlighted with a touch of black marble. You can opt for a black marble backsplash and matching countertops or even rock an entire kitchen island with black marble as a stylish statement. Marble is expensive and if you want to cut costs, opt for black marble tile instead of real marble. This is a very budget friendly option.

Black marble in the bathrooms

To make your bathroom timeless and chic, you can clad your shower room with marble or opt for an accent wall, for example. As with kitchens, you can always replace real marble with marble tile to save the budget. When you’re ready to pay for luxury, rock a black marble top vanity top or sink that are sure to become real centerpieces. Bring some gold or brass and voila – you have a very nifty bathing area.

Other ideas

Marble is often used to disguise fireplaces – working or non-working, they all look fantastically accented this way. You can find chic black marble side tables, stools, and even lamps to ultimately add luxury to your space. There are cooler ways to add a touch of timeless elegance with black marble. Let yourself be inspired!

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