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Black Holiday Beach Houses

These two gabled huts that make up a vacation home seem like an introverted dream. They were built by the architect Hanna Karits on the remains of a fishing village from the Soviet era.

The cabins have a pitch black exterior and sit on an axis to one another, which is divided in the middle by a terrace area that offers a view of the sea, old fishing sheds and the wooden skeletons of boats. The larger of these two structures contains the house itself, while the smaller houses a boathouse, sauna, and kitchenette. A small whirlpool was built into the surface between the two buildings.

The view from the large glass facade opens up along the beach towards the sunset in the evening, while the fireplace in front of the facade creates an intimate feeling at night. There is a slight step down between the dining and living area and the ceiling of the mezzanine above the kitchen, which makes room for a double-high area under the sloping roof. A fully glazed end of the gable looks out onto a sunken terrace, filling the living space with light and providing a dramatic view of the landscape. The sunken terrace is sheltered from the wind and shielded by trees.

Externally, the cabins are almost entirely black to defy the surroundings, with the white-painted wall of the sunken terrace being the only contrasting pale element. Spruce was used in combination with black stone for the roof and smoked ash for all terraces. Internally, this appearance has been completely contrasted. Furniture and textiles underline the atmosphere of a beach vacation with white-painted walls and ceilings made of birch wood, light-colored wooden furniture and fixings, and stone tiles in the bathrooms.

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