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Best Window Treatments

Window treatments provide privacy, let the sun in (or not), and help keep the cold weather out. Plus, proper window treatments can highlight and complement your decor style, and even make a bold design statement. We have already shared a lot of window treatment ideas, but today we are only going to discuss the trendiest ones: Roman blinds and shutters.

Roman and shutters

Clean and simple is one of the biggest trends in window treatment, which means roman and roller shutters are at the forefront. Roller shutters are available in a variety of colors and transparencies that will perfectly match your interior and accentuate it if you want or stay neutral when you need it. Such shades are much more popular than blinds, because a natural, neutral color of the shades (especially those made from natural woven fibers) combined with a white curtain makes a nice combination, especially if you like the modern peasant style. Roman hues are classic and have clean lines for modern interiors – just fill them in if you want some sunlight, or vice versa for more privacy.


Shutters with a more vintage or more modern look add character and elegance to the room. In addition to wood and synthetic wood plantation shutters, you can choose moisture-proof, light-controlled, and even insulated options. However, wooden shutters are not recommended for use in areas of high humidity, whereas composite shutters can withstand moisture damage, warpage and stains. Don’t think that shutters are just vintage decor. You can use them for any modern space and even add color – bright yellow, pink, blue and other shutters will really emphasize your room.

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