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Bedroom Design Floral Wallpaper

Today I have a feast for the eyes for you! This is a moody space by designer Katie Leede, and I’m sure you would never imagine such a sleeping zone with a work area in one.

The designer chose a lovely shade of blue to polish the room and she emphasized the vaulted ceiling by painting the beams. The Wainscot panels were also kept in the same shade to create a harmonious look. The walls are covered in graphic floral wallpaper, and the focal point of this room is of course an upholstered sleigh bed that screams comfort.

The lamp is incredible and is more reminiscent of a unique creature than lights. A fluffy faux fur rug makes the room super cozy and inviting, and a sparkling mismatched bedside table and closet add a glamorous feel to the room.

Opposite the bed is a work area with a sawhorse desk with a glass top. An upholstered chair and a sunbeam decoration on the wall complete the look. Look how perfectly these two zones are intertwined, there is perfect harmony. Have fun with the pictures below!

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