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Bedroom Decor Trends 2020

Are you planning a renovation or at least a freshening up of your bedroom this year? This roundup will help you renovate the space as we have rounded up the hottest and boldest bedroom decorating trends in 2020. Take a look!


Although we are used to minimalism conquering the world and all areas of the world, we will see a lot more cosiness in home decor this year and this decade. This goes for color palettes and materials – warm tones are in the foreground – and for other elements, for example a touch of luxury – beautiful furniture, luxurious bed linen and textiles or anything else that makes your bedroom inviting to you.

Upholstered headboards

This point is all about the same idea: make your bedroom inviting and inviting. This trend can be seen in other rooms with upholstered walls as well, but especially in bedrooms – what could be better than a cool bed with an oversized padded headboard that adds style and a sense of coziness to the room? Choose statement colors to create a bold, colorful stain, or match your interior. Go for luxurious fabrics like velvet for a cozy feel.

Statement bedding

Chic, cozy, softly layered bed linen is an absolute trend this year. It is high time to invest in high quality kits. Rock bold colors, think of prints and different fabrics included in one set – make your bedroom very inviting and your sleep will be healthy.


Pot green (real) is a general trend of the year and goes into every room, everything is becoming more and more environmentally friendly and everyone strives to connect with nature. That means potted plants are essential all around and hanging over the bed. They enliven the space and make you feel more connected to nature and sometimes more like being outdoors – it depends on the amount of green you are aiming for.

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