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Beautiful Vintage Christmas Tree Ideas

Vintage is amazing, it’s charming and beautiful! Then what style can be better for creating a snow fairy tale? A vintage Christmas tree will be a centerpiece of your vintage celebration and will give you a lot of positive emotions. Choose vintage decorations – even Victorian styles or old clocks. An old ornamental tree is always on point – it doesn’t take up much space and will stand out very well. Make one with burlap, paper, ribbons, and garlands; You can even make printed music – it looks so cute! Shabby wooden boards tucked into a tree add to this shabby chic vintage look that is so excited! Even a vintage ladder properly decorated would be a cool alternative to a regular tree and of course with a vintage touch. The best color for vintage trees or decorations is white, the main color of winter that always looks great. Find more inspiration below.

Christmas tree itself

An ordinary green Christmas tree is timeless, but to create a stronger vintage feel, a flocked tree, a pure white tree, or even a silver or blue tree is better. Flocked Christmas trees are great too. If you are not satisfied with the color of your tree, add a lot of ornaments so that you do not see the tree itself – it is characteristic of the vintage style.


Rock colorful vintage Christmas decorations – as many as you want and the lighter your tree, the stronger the contrast. You can use metallics and pastel colors too, but still keep the tree decor overly to create a vintage feel. Excessive and light decor is characteristic of the vintage style. So do not be afraid to use a lot of decorations of different types. If you want a color scheme, go for traditional red, green, and white, or red and gold for a vintage look.

Different decor

Lights are a must, and while we usually pick a color, you can also try colorful Christmas lights. If you want a rustic feel, think of wooden discs, burlap, berry garlands, and striped ribbons. There are many other ways to decorate your tree vintage style depending on what you want. Take a look around and be inspired!

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