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Beautiful Fall Mantel Decor Ideas

With fall just around the corner, it’s high time to check that your home is ready for fall. If you have a fireplace – real or not, it is high time to decorate your mantelpiece for the fall, which is almost here! A fireplace is a corner where the whole family likes to gather, spend some time and get warm outside after the cold. The mantelpiece decor depends on what style you want to see and what details you want to add to the interior with this decor. For a rustic feel, add some vegetables (natural or artificial), fruits, berries, twigs, and plaid fabric. For a festive touch, use glitter letters and pumpkins, some wreaths and garlands made from autumn leaves. If you’re looking for something modern, go for white pumpkins, candle holders, and fake leaves. Look for more ideas below and pick something for your own mantelpiece!

Themes and colors

Choose a theme or style for decoration: forest, rustic, modern, minimalist, glamorous or any other and choose the appropriate decor. Then figure out your colors – they should somehow match the theme and style. The most popular color combinations are neutrals, black and white, muted and earthy tones, rust, burgundy and brown, orange and cream tones, green and brown and so on. Choose what you like and what goes with the room decor.

Green and blossoms

Greens and blossoms are popular for fall decorations, they will liven up your mantelpiece decor. It can be normal or pale green, light or neutral flowers, and even foliage and succulents. Opt for natural plants and flowers to keep the mantelpiece fresh and vibrant, or go for artificial plants to make your decor more durable.


Pumpkins are a must have for fall decorating, they always go with any style. They can come in a variety of colors (you can spray them yourself) or look natural, and they can be fake or real. In addition to decorating your mantelpiece, put something in and around the fireplace as well.

Different decor

There are countless ideas to try: fabric or fresh green wreaths, sackcloth or green garlands, artificial berries, twigs, twigs, candles in different candle holders, antlers, dough bowls and baskets, blankets and pillows, fresh and artificial fruits and vegetables, wheat, cotton, Pine cones and other details. Be inspired by the pictures below!

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