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Beautiful Burgundy Accents For Fall Home Decor

Burgundy is on fall colors, it’s very beautiful and refined. With autumn not yet ready, it’s time to start thinking about your fall decorations, but using burgundy for the entire space is pretty overwhelming. We only offer a few burgundy accents to make your room pop. For example, a burgundy accent wall will make your living room or bedroom exquisite. Burgundy chairs or sofas are great for making a statement in any room. Throws or bedspreads are also great for this goal. In the kitchen, some burgundy flowers or fruits are the easiest way to add an autumn touch. Check out the ideas below and find out how to rock burgundy colors this fall!

Burgundy furniture

When you’re ready to add a statement in a radical way, go for burgundy-colored furniture. It can be a sofa, chair, sideboard, table, coffee table, or any other piece of furniture you like, and you can add it anywhere – from the kitchen to the bedroom. It fits in both a neutral and atmospheric room and can also be integrated into a colorful room – just add some Echo parts. Burgundy is a classic refined color that is not only suitable for autumn.

Burgundy textiles

If you don’t want to invest a lot of time or money and want to add a touch of autumn to the room, go for textiles. These can be burgundy-colored curtains, carpets, blankets, pillows and table runners that can be easily replaced after the fall. Add multiple touches to a room to create a mood in the room.

Other ideas

When you’re ready for bold changes, go for a burgundy statement wall or even walls – this is a cool pop of color. Printed wallpaper is a hot trend, so you can go for it too – make a statement wallpaper wall in burgundy. Furniture, accessories, candle holders – there are tons of ways you can drop your home with burgundy. Get inspired!

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