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Beautiful Blue And Gray Bedrooms

According to the psychological tests, the color that most of us love is blue. And which color goes best with blue? Gray of course! A bedroom in the combination of these colors looks so comfortable and inviting that you’ll want to spend all of your time there. Such a combination is especially cool with vintage furniture, but some modern pieces would be on point too. If you want to relax, add some white or silver to the color scheme with furniture, pillows, vases, and other accessories. If you want some drama and exquisiteness add black to it. Blue can be bright or rich – it has to match the right shades of gray. Check out some inspiring photos below and enjoy the work of designers.

Gray and dark blue bedrooms

Gray and navy have become one of the most popular and bold color combinations, which is widely used in various homes with all kinds of decorative styles. Gray is more of a relaxing color, and navy gives it depth and calm at the same time. I love the lighter shades of gray mixed with navy – they look very cool! But if you like moody rooms, you can try graphite gray and navy. Usually, designers and homeowners prefer to make gray the main color and add navy with accents: a statement wall, pillows, an upholstered bed, and bedside tables and benches. If color is your preference, go for navy blue walls and add a touch of gray with furniture and accessories.

Another popular dark blue shade is midnight blue, which is more often combined with dove gray and other light shades of gray. This is a classic color scheme that gives the space the ultimate, refined and luxurious feel. Although some of you might say that it is too high-contrast and looks formal, it’s a very bold and dramatic idea.

Gray and light blue bedrooms

Lighter shades of blue are welcome if you love color! Turquoise, Tiffany blue, sky blue, electric blue and much more – all of these make your space more cheerful and welcoming. You can see bright and bold shades of blue everywhere – from oceanic-inspired bedrooms to modern bedrooms – blues suits every style! It’s up to you whether you want to combine them with darker or lighter shades of gray – bold shades of blue always make a statement, but more often you’ll see light gray bedrooms with light blue accents. If you are unsure about this or that shade, first try to use bedding of such a color so that you understand whether it will fit or not. Then you can add other accessories to the bedroom: pillows, lamps, works of art and much more. Of course, you can also make your blue color the main color in the room and calm it down with a touch of gray: bedding, furniture, pillows, accessories and other things.

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