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Beautiful Beach Inspired Mantels

Summertime is fantastic, fresh, bright and always leaves a lot of memories. Decorate your mantelpiece to remind you of relaxation, beaches and sunlight – everything we love about summers! There are so many ideas for doing that. Let’s look at how to make a beautiful beach or coastal disguise!

Collect some star fish and seashells on the beach, fill jars with beach sand or bowls, make a garland or just put them on the mantelpiece, decorate with a colorful spray or leave them as they are. Beautify your mantelpiece here and there with a touch of blue, turquoise, navy, aqua and sea foam. These can be floats, bottles, glasses, vases, and candle holders, and they can easily make your mantelpiece very stranded. Driftwood is an eco-friendly decor, and in addition to putting it on the mantelpiece, you can make some balls or even fish figurines out of it.

Beautiful artwork on the beach and seaside will really make your mantelpiece look inspired. These pieces can be bought or built yourself. Print out some pictures from your last beach vacation and you will give the room a holiday vibe. Put some flowering twigs in buckets or some green in blue vases and bottles to freshen up the look. Add some cute characters that are reminiscent of the sea – a lobster claw, a seagull, a whale, or a fish – these cuties never go out of style. Ship and boat models, some ropes, candles, corals, and even crazy clam and starfish wreaths – use your imagination! Look for more cute ideas below and start decorating yourself – it’s simple and very stylish!

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