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Bear Alarm And A Lamp

This playful looking character is MUID’s wake-up bear. It’s both a digital alarm clock and a subtle mood light wrapped in the characteristic shape of a bear!

On the bear’s rather bulging belly there is a digital display that shows the current time and the alarm. These are controlled via the six intuitive buttons located on the bottom of the device. The bear is made of a soft silica gel that feels squidgy to the touch. When pressed, a light is emitted through the translucent body and the surroundings are gently illuminated.

The thoughtful operation of the device does not end here. A sound control has been integrated into the device so that the display wakes up when the user claps. These features add to the playful character and create a product that kids will love! I actually think every adult will love this piece too, so take a look and maybe you will want one! Wake up gently to a fun and moody bear alert!

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