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Beadboard Kitchen Backsplashes

Beadboard is a series of narrow wooden boards that are lined up vertically. Between each wooden board there is a small indentation or a comb, which is also known as a “pearl”. Today, most beadboards come in long, monolithic panels that are easy to install and mimic the look of narrow vertical planks.

Beadboard is a very practical and beautiful choice for kitchen walls and / or ceilings as they are easy to clean. It can be stained or painted and is particularly suitable for kitchens on the farm, in the country or by the sea. Beadboard gives any room a clean look and is an easy way to add architectural detail to simple old walls. In addition to kitchen walls and ceilings, Beadboard can also be used for kitchen splashbacks.

Ease of installation is one of the biggest advantages of backsplashes in the beadboard kitchen, as you may be using pre-made sheeting and your backsplash will take less than a weekend to install. Last but not least, the price of Beadboard Kitchen Backsplash is significantly lower compared to other options.

Select beadboard

For one, you want to think about the width of the board and the depth of the bead. Wider boards are calming in a busy, cramped kitchen, while narrower boards are a good choice when you need to tie a large space together. The deeper the pearl, the more handcrafted you get. Note, however, that very deep grooves are also difficult to clean.

Use color to add modern flair

You don’t have to stick to the traditional white and cream tones when painting. You can paint your beadboard backsplash any color, adding value to the theme of your kitchen interior and customizing or contrasting the color of your cabinets if you wish. Try a dark beige, slate blue, or mint green for a look that is a bit rural yet edgy.


Beadboard siding has the added benefit of having fewer joints and mildew hidden from your brush because there are no joints. The main reason against choosing a beadboard backsplash is that over time it can become prone to dirt, grime, grease, and food debris in the grooves. Since wood is a bit delicate, stay away from the harsh detergents that you may use on your stove and countertops. Try wiping everything you can with a microfiber cloth, then use a water and vinegar solution to remove any really difficult spots by using a toothbrush or small, soft brush to get between the cracks.

On the whole, beadboard is great for kitchen splashbacks. This is a material with many advantages, and it is easy to install yourself. Beadboard gives your kitchen a cozy, rustic touch or sets a strong accent with a contrasting color.

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