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Bathtub Backsplashes

A bathtub backsplash is part of the wall or all of the walls of the bathtub that is covered with some material. It used to be a very common feature in bathroom design and didn’t make a big comeback. This is a great idea for a lot of reasons: it’s a creative feature that helps make the bathtub stand out and stand out in the bathroom – great for those who love having a bathtub. It also has some practical uses: the covered wall or walls are protected from foam and splashes of water, which is essential for wall coverings such as wallpaper, wood and other not very water resistant walls. Let’s take a look at some ideas to rock this unique decor feature in your space.

Bath niches with backsplashes

Some bathrooms have comfortable niches for baths or showers and create a backsplash in an alcove that you usually cover all three walls. Such a backsplash will protect the walls, and possibly a window, from splashes, and you can put wallpaper or blackboard over the tub. Dress up the backsplash with matching tiles similar to those used throughout the room, and dress up the bathtub as well. Another idea is to rock something very bold and different, and you can also just go for tiles that cover the rest of the walls with wood or something else. Try different contrasting materials for the backsplash, such as marble, stone, or even wood tile.

Bathtubs with backsplashes

Unless you have a niche, you don’t have to cover a lot with your backsplash. Only cover one wall that your bathtub is against and don’t make it too big – just for splashes. The idea is actually the same: you can opt for a look to match or contrast with your backsplash. Marble, tile, and stone can be very different or exactly the same as on the floor. This is a great way to make your bathroom look bigger, for example. You can cover the bathtub with it for a more uniform appearance. Be inspired and save your walls!

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