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Bathroom Design Ideas With Plants And Flowers

Green plants and flowers make every room lively, fresh and inviting. Plants in bathrooms are rare. Due to the lack of space, natural light, and excessive humidity, this is usually not a place to grow anything. But if everything is well organized and the selected plants are not too capricious, the bathroom can attract with its greenery.

Flowers like orchids look amazing near the sinks, add a sophisticated and chic touch to any room and are usually used in luxurious and glamorous bathrooms. An amazing idea is air plants – they are cool for any bathroom space and don’t require much attention – just freshen them up with water sometimes and no soil is necessary, so great! Green plants liven up any room, especially a white or monochrome one, but you can also add green accents to the interior to bring out the green that you have.

Think rocking statement plants in cool planters to match your bathroom decor – statement pieces are always on point. Some bathrooms can be turned into almost orangeries! Hang planters filled with greenery and place them around the tub or under the shower to make it feel like you are having an outdoor experience. The right zen design, stones and plants make your bathroom look like a spa. You can find more ideas below!

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