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Bathroom Decor Trends 2020

2020 is officially here, the new decade has begun, and it is high time to do everything you wanted to do and try everything you wanted to try. Did you want to start with a bathroom renovation this year? If so, this round-up is for you – we’ve rounded up the hottest bathroom decoration and design trends for 2020 and the years to come. These are predictions made by famous designers. So get inspired to choose a few!

Atmospheric and dark bathrooms

The bathrooms are usually full of light and bright, but moody and dark rooms became very popular a few years ago and this decor is getting more popular every year. This trend also applies to bathrooms: moody and dark ones will make you feel relaxed, which is great for soaking.

Minimalist bathroom

Less is more, and the minimalism that is taking over the world proves it every day. Even if your home is not that minimal, but at least contemporary, why not make your bathroom minimalist? You get a clean space and when it’s clean and sleek it always seems to be bigger which is another benefit.


Concrete is another trend that is conquering our homes, making them bolder and rougher, and this goes for bathrooms too. Concrete is pretty cheap, durable, and goes with many styles of decor. You can use it on walls, floors, ceilings, even bathtubs and sinks, and much more.

Molded tiles

Forget all those standard subway tiles and go for whimsical shapes and cool looks – scallops, hexagons, etc. – anything that will suit your space. Such tiles make a big impact, and you don’t even need to use dark or light colors – even neutral colors will make your room cool.

Unusual marble

Marble is a timeless solution for every room, fits every style, is luxurious and very chic. With more fancy and whimsical things going on this year, what you need to decorate your bathroom is more unusual and bold marble.

Black tubs

Adding a black freestanding bathtub to a bathroom design adds a bit of opulence to the space. In combination with extraordinary sanitary fittings, this creates a striking focal point in an otherwise quiet room.

Partly tiled walls

Instead of tiling an entire wall or just the damp areas like the shower, attaching the tiles to a picture rail, chair rail, or halfway up a wall adds an unexpected design element to a room. It can also create an edge or shelf for bathroom accessories and necessities.

Brass surfaces

Brass finishes are still a great way to add a little luxury to your life. This is perhaps the most timeless metallic shade that can be used and it always works. Bring more brass to your space!

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