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Bathroom Collection Wood Corian

The Graff dressage bathroom collection is here to redesign traditional bathroom furniture. They managed to create an outstanding modern collection that combines two very different materials and follows the trend of using wood in bathroom decoration.

The pieces combine Canaletto Walnut with DuPont Corian for a stylish and contemporary round bathtub and a remarkable mirrored vanity that is inspired by furniture design.

The freestanding vanity is covered with a Corian surface and can contain a wash basin and be accompanied by a tray, shelf, towel hook, set of soft-close drawers and a rectangular, rotating mirror. Made from pieces of solid wood handcrafted entirely in Italy from Canaletto walnut, wenge or oak, this is a fully customizable vanity piece.

The ultra-slim design of the console fits into any bathroom without taking up a lot of space. If you are very concerned about aspects then you don’t necessarily have to because the plumbing is hidden in it and you won’t see any pipes or drains.

The tub is also made from a thermoformed sheet of Corian combined with solid wood to give it a graceful, strong and beautiful look. Its angular cut along the entire section creates an invitation to step in and a raised area to stretch and relax in.

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