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Bathroom Accessories Storage

The bathrooms are often small and their furnishings and accessories should be as functional as possible. The collection we are presenting today is exactly like this: maximum functionality plus stylish and simple design.

Ever Life Design presents Dot, a multifunctional modular system for bathroom accessories that is inspired by the modest black dot. The heart of Dot is exactly that, a simple metal cylinder that carries an even simpler steel wire and in turn supports several creative configurations for the precise placement of bathroom accessories. The possibilities are many: towel rails, a simple and elegant shelf, perfect for soap, toothbrush or bath towel and many other ideas. Options for Dot include machined brass or chrome.

Thanks to the careful design and technical characteristics of this new line, DOT is suitable for both narrow spaces and spacious bathrooms: a thin but strong steel cable that slides in a cylindrical solid and is attached to the wall. Elegant details, unconventional materials, versatility and cross-functionality – these are the characteristics of DOT – get inspired to buy some for your own bathroom!

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