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Basement Bathroom Ideas

Do you have a basement in the house? You’re lucky! Create a walk-in shower or an entire bathroom in the basement and you won’t regret it! If you’re hesitant about whether it’s a good idea and how to do it correctly, our ideas will help. Adding a basement bath is a big, complicated project. But that doesn’t mean you can’t. Thousands of DIY enthusiasts do the job successfully each year, and so can you, or you can always hire some people to help you.

Plan carefully

Think carefully about the plan of your future bathroom and find out where you want to place a bathtub, where you have a shower cubicle, toilet or steam room. Be careful as the next step is installation and there is not much you can do afterwards.

Isolate and install properly

Properly insulate the bathroom in the basement, otherwise you will not be able to go there in the cold months. Do the plumbing right. If you hesitate that you can do this, just hire some plumbers.

Decorate your bathroom in the basement

After the hardest part of the job is done, decide which colors you want here. Decorate according to the style you choose, but it is better to go for some light shades as they will visually add to your bathroom and reflect the lights. If not, choose neutral or warm shades to make you feel comfortable.

There are many styles that you can try for your basement bathroom: modern, minimalist, rustic, industrial, retro, farmhouse, rough stone and so on – it’s up to your taste. Add accents according to the style you choose: brass for retro bathrooms, pipes and industrial metal for industrial bathrooms, rough wood and stone for nature-inspired ones.

Be creative with decor, use different materials and textures to suit your style: wood, metal, various cool tiles and rough stone, make a relaxing oasis in the basement. Find out where to place and install the lights, don’t forget to protect them from water – it’s not just the water after a shower, the basement is often a little damp. The lights should be bright enough to make you feel comfortable. Again, this is a way to expand the space. Do not forget that there is often no natural light in the basement, so it is not enough.

Voila, when the job is done it’s time to enjoy it, go there, light some candles, and relax in a bathtub or steam room.

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