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Awesome Summer Mantel Decor Ideas

Summer is not ready yet. Have you decided to decorate your home to celebrate it’s coming? To talk about interior decor, I always start with the mantelpiece, and if you too, here are some cool and easy ideas on how to decorate it. I think the best advice for you is to gather up what is summer related and put it on the mantelpiece. The most popular idea, of course, is the sea and beaches. So sea glass, starfish, seashells and driftwood are what you need. Colorful bunting, plants and flowers, photo frames, fruit and green grass have become almost classic for summer decorations. Look for more original ideas below and get inspired!

Styles and colors

The style of your mantelpiece decor is entirely up to you: contemporary, minimalist, modern, rustic, vintage or different. The colors are also entirely up to you. But we strongly recommend adding light shades – yellow, green, red, pink, orange, and others, since it’s summer. Mix natural and neutral shades with light colors, or choose only light shades for the summer. If it’s a coastal or beach coat, you can add turquoise, aqua, mint, and any blues you want.


Your decor will depend on the style you’ve chosen: if it’s a vintage mantelpiece, you can use vintage mirrors, artwork, shutters, and doors. If it’s rustic go for metal buckets, baskets, wooden crate planters, if it’s a modern mantelpiece use anything laconic – clear vases, simple planters, single flowers here and there, and lots of greenery. Fresh greens and blooms, and artificial, potted succulents and other plants go well with a summer coat. You can also incorporate clocks, candle lanterns, candles in candlesticks, lights, banners, and works of art. Beach coats can be complemented with seashells and starfish, corals, greens, driftwood, and sea glass.

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