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Awesome Ideas To Use Dough Bowls In Home Decor

Vintage items are amazing, they leave such a comfortable and stylish feeling! Today we’re going to see some ideas on how to use old bread and dough bowls in home decor. Actually, you can use them for your purposes like storing bread, cakes, cookies, and fruits or vegetables, but there are also some cool ideas that you weren’t expecting. I would never imagine storing clews or towels in an old batter bowl could look so good and be so convenient to use! In addition, you can make a cool centerpiece out of a bowl and some candles, ornaments, seashells and sea urchins, coniferous branches and moss. Check out the inspiring ideas below, take your old bowls and decorate them home!

Dough bowl decorations

Dough bowls are great for creating a centerpiece or a decoration – you can put anything you want in there! If it’s winter, take pine cones, moss, ornaments, antlers, candles, and greens, if it’s autumn – grab pumpkins, pine cones, leaves, greens, acorns and nuts, add twigs and candles. If you live in a house on the coast, fill the bowl of dough with clams and starfish. Create bold centerpieces with lemon and willow pussy, with moss and grape balls, moss and succulents, air plants and cacti.

Dough bowls for storage

Dough bowls can be used for storage – they give the room a rustic and vintage flair at the same time. You can store books, magazines, pillows, blankets, kitchen towels, string and twine if you are a handyman and many other items. Dough bowls are amazing pieces of jewelry – you don’t have to tinker to get such a nifty vintage piece!

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