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Automatic Bedside Lamp

Getting up from bed to turn off the lights can be very annoying when you are tired, but don’t worry, there is a way out! BALAMP was developed with this feeling in mind and uses a unique on / off function to make going to bed and waking up more comfortable.

It is a bowl-shaped lamp with a flat surface equipped with a weight detection system. When an object is placed on the surface, it turns itself off and vice versa. This way, when you fall asleep to a good book, you can just close the book, turn it over and place it on BALAMP to turn off the light in one simple movement. You can also place your mobile device on the surface. So when you pick up your phone to turn off your morning alarm, you get instant lights to wake you up. Better still, it has a projected clock so it’s easy to tell the time, and you can also use a smartphone app to adjust the tone and intensity of the light so it’s just like you did before and after like going to bed!

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