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Attic Apartment Built In Furniture

MH.AP Studio designed an attic in Barcelona with clever built-in furniture and storage space in order to make optimal use of the 70 square meters of space. The original apartment was dark and divided into small rooms with no natural light. To make the space work, they redesigned the layout to include a hallway that offers more than just a path between points A and B. It is now a multifunctional thoroughfare that houses a bench, a dressing table and a desk with a kitchen and kitchen cabinets at one end.

A warm, matte MDF is used to connect the rooms together while natural light comes in to keep them bright. An L-shaped built-in sofa with light blue pillows gives the open plan living room and kitchen a bold statement. There is an entrance to the balcony which is fully glazed and gives lots of natural light into the living room. Just behind the hall wall are two bedrooms with a bathroom in the middle. The larger bedroom opens to the living room via sliding doors. The bathroom right next to the hallway is clad with grass-green tiles and forms a perfect contrast to the brown elements of the apartment. A large floor-to-ceiling mirror separates the shower room from the rest of the bathroom. The sink is just outside the bathroom and sits on top of a vanity that replicates the design of kitchen cabinets.

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