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Artwork Table And Stool In One

Iceland has always surprised us with its incredible natural beauty, and even some parts of that beauty can make your interior more unique and beautiful. Reykjavík Studio Innriinnri came up with this idea and sourced natural materials from the Icelandic volcanic landscape to create a piece of furniture with a strong wow factor.

This is a side table, stool, and work of art. It’s made of a combination of basalt stone, a type of volcanic rock made by cooling lava, and silica, a colorless chemical found in the earth’s crust. The piece consists of two shaped basalt stone slabs. The top plate was sanded to give a smooth finish while the bottom plate was left unpolished. Innriinnri dipped the two plates in Iceland’s Blue Lagoon, a natural geothermal spa. This allowed silica to penetrate the material, resulting in a white glaze on the lower part of the stone.

The object can be used as a table when the two panels are stacked on top of each other. The top can also be lifted off the base and used as a stool, with the lower part remaining as a three-dimensional work of art.

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