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Art Deco Vanity Chair

Vako Darjania was born in Georgia and now lives in Iowa City, Iowa. He works under his label Vako Design. The latest is the Vanity Chair, a beautiful and bold piece of furniture inspired by the Art Deco era.

We all love the glamor and glitz of the Roaring 20s, and an item like this is exactly what you need if you are in love with this decade. The chair is reminiscent of both the Art Deco era and the Memphis Modern movement with its bold, asymmetrical shape and lively color palette of fuchsia and purple tones. The layered geometric volumes are covered in velvet and paired with a wood base and accent, resulting in a sculptural yet functional piece of furniture. I love the contrast between the fuchsia seat and its purple back which is a circle – looks so geometric and sculptural!

Vanity Chair is an amazing object for many spaces: Art Deco, Vintage, Glamor, Modern and many other homes – even if the space is neutral, you can always spice it up with such a unique piece. Make a statement with its sculptural look and bold colors!

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