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Art Deco Kitchen Design

This beautiful art deco kitchen is a fantastic space full of light and style. The walls and ceiling are white, there are large windows that only fill the kitchen with natural light. The floor is covered in amazing geometric tiles designed just like they were in the 20’s. One of the walls is covered with large mirror tiles, which not only give the room a glamorous look, but also reflect the light and make the kitchen appear larger.

The kitchen furniture is L-shaped to increase functionality. The kitchen cabinets are white, they continue the light color scheme of the room but the countertops are black granite with glitter for a glamorous feel. The black curtains also make a bold statement.

The kitchen island is covered with dark lacquered veneer, which makes a statement and gives the entire kitchen an elegant taste. And check out this glamorous rhinestone ball chandelier above the kitchen island, it looks like it was created exactly for this interior!

The dining area continues the decor theme with an oak table and comfortable upholstered chairs. glamorous rhinestone lamps echoed with the kitchen chandelier. What a fine example of the elegant glamor style!

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