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Arched Doorways And Windows

Popular minimalist and contemporary styles dictate clean and straight lines, but the fact is that curves soften any space and make it more welcoming, they make the space more interesting. One of the easiest ways to incorporate curves into your home decor is with arched doors and windows, which add ultimate elegance to your space at the same time.

Arched doors

An arched door can be seen not just in historic buildings, as you would normally expect, but anywhere – in contemporary, boho, modern, Scandinavian and other spaces – and you can easily create a contrast between the style of the room and the door. An arched door adds refined elegance, vintage flair, chic and beauty to literally any room, from the bathroom to the entrance area. It can be an open door, e.g. For example, between a bedroom and bathroom, or around a kitchen and pantry, so that you may find some separation, but not too much. If you want doors, use arched French doors to add even more chic and daring to your style. Such doors make the space hidden there more and more special, no matter what it is and what decor you choose.

Arched Windows

A domed window is a catchy and cool take on a traditional window, whether it’s original or you made it yourself. An arched window brings no less exquisiteness, chic and elegance than a door. It will easily highlight farmhouse, vintage, and any formal style, or contrast a modern, minimalist, or even industrial space that makes it softer. Opt for oversized arched windows to flood the space with natural light and take in the views, if any. Integrate access to the outside area, if available. Highlight an arched window with a window seat or contrasting shutters. We recommend avoiding curtains with such windows, or at least not covering them completely, as you will not see the beauty of your arched part.

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