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Apartment With Bright Touches

The San Francisco apartment was designed for a retired couple who transitioned to city life after living in a single family home in California’s wine country. California based studio Jennifer Robin Interiors used color, texture, and custom designs to create a comfortable urban apartment for her.

The change in lifestyle was triggered by the desire to devote more time to leisure activities. The couple wanted a space that blended sophistication with coziness and also had happy moments that could help counteract San Francisco’s foggy days. Large windows, city views and a modern sensibility played a role in the design.

The apartment came with a few challenges, such as: B. limited space and unusual dimensions. In the public areas, numerous large windows minimized the usable wall space and created a “fishbowl effect”. The designers came up with several clever solutions to these problems. Gray plaster with a textured look was used for the only empty wall in the room, which serves as a contrast to the light surfaces.

The living room also has a woven rug, a Konekt side table, a maple coffee table and a pair of green wedge-shaped stools. The windows are covered with sheer curtains that provide privacy and add a soft touch to the room.

In the dining area, the designer set up a round, sculptural table with extensions that make it suitable for dinner parties. The master bedroom offers a similar interplay of elegance and playfulness. In a guest suite, the team set up a bed with a deep blue velvet headboard, a round side table and a wooden desk covered with glass. Green, yellow and orange accents enliven the room. The apartment also has an office that doubles as a media room.

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