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Apartment With An Elegant Interior

It’s quite a challenge to find a way to give a room a sleek and sophisticated look without also making it very opulent and over the top. SVOYA Studio did a great job designing this beautiful apartment in Ukraine.

The apartment measures 110 square meters and is structured on two separate floors. They’re not both the same size, and the second floor is actually larger than the first. Both have the same color palette and are decorated with materials such as marble, wood and different fabrics to create a balanced look.

The living room, kitchen and dining area are all connected into one large room. They all preserve their individuality in different ways. For example, the black kitchen contrasts with the rest of the floor plan, which is lighter and uses lighter colors. The dining area has a round table with a gold metal base that looks exquisite, and the living room has a large sofa that overlooks a marble accented wall. The first floor is smaller but similar in style and houses the master bedroom with bathroom and lovely walk-in shower as well as the children’s room, which is interesting in its own way.

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