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Apartment With A Large Balcony

This small apartment is located in Praça Da República in São Paulo and has lots of cool and inspiring design features specially developed for this layout and style.

The apartment is 50 square meters and the rooms are quite small, so SuperLimão Studio had to be creative and come up with unique ideas. To create a welcoming, casual looking, and also fun environment, they chose furniture that interacted with the layout. The furniture is generally very simple and designed to be as intrusive as possible. Open shelves and custom-made built-in units offer plenty of storage space and give each room a character and a unique look.

The apartment’s color palette consists of earth tones, grays and some blue tones. The materials used are plywood, wood, tile and lots of smooth surfaces to define the style as contemporary.

The living room opens to a balcony with full height windows and sliding doors that let in lots of sunlight and create a sense of openness by visually expanding the space. There is also a small home office space in the room that is presented with a floating desk and chair. The master bedroom consists of a lot of concrete and two glazed walls with access to a corner balcony so that it is flooded with light. The kitchen is a small room with white cabinets and a neutral tile floor. The bathroom is another small and functional space with a floating vanity top, a lighted mirror, and a touch of black.

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