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Apartment Multi Purpose Furniture

A lack of space is rarely a reason not to be able to enjoy a home. If anything, there is an incentive to make it as grand and functional as possible within the allotted space. How can you solve this problem? Rock creative and multifunctional furniture that of course saves space! There are many inspiring examples we can give in this regard, and one of them has to do with a small apartment in London. Its owner, a professional ballet dancer, wanted to be able to practice at home, so he needed a fairly large empty room for it. This inspired the team at Intervention Architecture to come up with a unique and very interesting design solution.

The challenge was to create plenty of space to sleep, eat, and other general activities, and have enough space to practice when needed, all within the same volume. All of this was made possible by a range of bespoke multipurpose furniture. There’s a large floor-to-ceiling unit with a Murphy bed and plenty of storage space and a bookcase, and they work wonderfully together. The bookshelf module can be moved easily and, thanks to its bench, is also perfect for the kitchen and dining area. When the bed is stored and the bookcase is out of the way, this entire space stays nice and open, perfect for ballet dancing. If necessary, this bed area can easily be converted into a dining area or a comfortable reading nook which is perfect. Let yourself be inspired to use every inch of your home too!

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