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Apartment Mobile Steel Furniture

The apartment, called Rubikum for Three, is just outside the center of Ljubljana and belongs to a young couple and their dog. Arhitektura doo has furnished this apartment with movable metal furniture so that the owners can adapt the layout to their busy social life.

They had previously lived on the rural outskirts of Ljubljana but missed the hustle and bustle of city life and decided to move closer to the capital. While the location of the 60-square-foot apartment was better suited for the couple, the standardized layout of the floor plan didn’t match their dynamic lifestyle. Fixed and rigid furniture with a predetermined position and function would therefore hinder this. All of the existing partitions in the apartment have been pushed through to form a floor plan that will allow residents – and the dog – to move easily from room to room. The bathroom is now the only room that is now completely enclosed. The variety of routes throughout the apartment has encouraged the name “Rubikum”, a Slovenian term that practice compares to a magic cube.

The practice decided specifically to use stainless steel for the mobile furniture in the hope that its “subtle sheen” would create the impression of additional light in the apartment. There are a few solid elements in the living area. On one side is a wooden sideboard that is integrated into a desk. If residents want the living area to feel cozier and more secluded, they can pull over a continuous silver curtain that is attached to a curved rail on the ceiling. When withdrawn, it reveals a small conservatory adorned with a couple of armchairs and a row of green potted plants. This can be crossed to access the bedroom, which has tall wooden cabinets.

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