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Apartment Centruries Old Building

This apartment is located in the historic heart of Toruń, Poland – a beautifully preserved medieval city center that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s an amazing contemporary space with a lot of style. The project was designed by the Polish architect Paweł Tatara and the architectural office Znamy Się and asks an important question: how do you reconcile the need for contemporary housing with the imperative to preserve the architectural heritage of the city?

A matrix of round windows, which were once used for loading and unloading the sacks of grain in the warehouse, gives the building a fairytale quality, which is enhanced by the bright red brickwork and the steep pitched roof.

The architects took on the color and increased the space by introducing unique details and hues, especially in the design of the bathrooms. The bathroom, conceived as a monochromatic steel cube, is located in the center of the apartment and serves various purposes, including as a buffer between the living and sleeping areas and the introduction of a modern element amid the centuries-old architecture of wooden beams and round windows and thick masonry walls.

The introduction of the bathroom as a separate volume provides the opportunity for customization, with each apartment having a different color and its vibrant hue alongside the neutral palette of white and natural woods that are otherwise the norm. In addition, each cube has a unique floor-to-ceiling stained glass window, the design of which was inspired by the history of the city. In apartment number 2, for example, the design refers to the tripartite vault in the Cathedral of Toruń, while apartment number 4 pays homage to the Gothic shamrock. The graphic stained glass design not only gives a subtle decorative flair, but also lets natural light into the bathroom area.

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