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Apartment Bedroom In A Plastic Box

When a young entrepreneur bought the N Apartment in Tel Aviv, Israel, he wanted to open up the three bedroom interior and let the light in. He hired Milic Harel Architects to complete the 95-square-foot renovation that reduced the bedrooms to one housed in a translucent plastic box.

The modular space consists of a new bedroom in the middle of the apartment that allows maximum natural light to pass through. The bedroom box is made of folding panels made of plastic mesh that open to create a large space. The ceilings are clad in reflective PVC that reflects light and creates the illusion of a double-height room. Except for the blue cupboards in the bedroom, the interior is kept to a minimal black and white color palette.

The living room is only represented by an elegant white television, a leather stool, a metal chair and a footrest. Floor-to-ceiling windows let plenty of daylight into the room. The kitchen is equipped with matt graphite gray cabinets, a kitchen island made of black marble and matt black chairs. The bathroom is made entirely of white marble, there is again a seamless shower room and a floor-to-ceiling window – although windows are usually not welcome in bathrooms, this is private enough.

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