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Antique Table And Modern Chairs

A big trend is emerging in home decor: a statement. It’s usually just a piece of furniture that is vastly different in style, design, and appearance, making a bold contrast to the rest of the room. An antique dresser, table, chandelier, sofa, chair, or anything else you like can be your personal, bold statement that makes you feel nervous. Plus, with multiple pieces of furniture like the one we share today, you can create bold, contrasting combinations – an antique dining table and modern chairs. Impossible to bring them together? Is not it! Get ready for the coolest, edgiest combos!

Contrast chairs and a table

The most popular way to rock a vintage dining table and modern chairs is to buy or buy things that are very contrasting. You can highlight the vintage table with clear acrylic chairs, with metal chairs, with bold sculptural chairs, or with bold upholstery. When you have a rustic vintage table, think of bold velvet upholstery and a nifty design for the chairs. If the table is very exquisite, calm it down with some metal chairs. The more different your dining set parts look, the cooler the result will be.

Same colors

If you’re not ready for a super contrasting and bold look, you can opt for a softer transition combination: rock the chairs that match your table in color. For example, if you have a whitewashed table, add chairs with white upholstery or paint the legs of the dining table black and add matching modern black chairs. It’s another cool and edgy combo to rock.

Mismatched chairs

Unless you have the same dining room chairs or want to create a bold, eclectic look, go for mismatched chairs. Set up your table and add all kinds of chairs of different colors – modern, rustic, industrial, vintage, glamorous and many others. The colors can also be completely inappropriate. Don’t be afraid to mix everything up – upholstery, materials, looks and details – Eclectic is the new classic.

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