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Antique Mirror Ideas

Mirrors are ideal for home decor for several reasons: They optically double every room, add glamor and chic and allow rooms to reflect in a light-flooded manner. This is the most traditional room decoration idea, but also very fashionable as the mirror trend is back. We’ve already shared some mirror ideas, but I want to show you more of them. Today’s article is about sophistication and vintage beauty – antique or faded mirrors. With such mirrors, your room will be instantly refined. Let’s see how to use them.

Antique mirror backsplashes

Antique mirrors can be used for backsplashes, this is a very original and chic idea. Mirrors are easy to maintain, they don’t take much time to clean, they add chic and sophistication, and this is a perfect glamorous touch to any room.

Antique mirrors in the bathrooms

Antique mirrors seem to have been created specifically for bathrooms, and I can’t name anything that would add sophistication and style to your bathroom. Make faded mirrored shower walls for a sophisticated feel and add vintage metal fittings to polish the style. Create an antique wall of mirrors behind the bathtub to emphasize and highlight it. Any room looks bigger with faded mirrored walls and is essential for a small bathroom or powder room.

Antique mirrors in the entrances

Placing such a mirror in an entryway is a great way to refine it, and if you’re designing a girly space, this is a perfect idea. It can be an entire antique mirror wall or an antique mirror in a vintage frame to add glamor and chic to the room. Don’t forget that your small entrance area will double and look bigger!

Antique mirrors in dining and living rooms

Antique mirrors are very popular in living rooms and dining rooms because they give a sophisticated feel. Hang a large faded mirror opposite your dining area, which is also defined in an open space. If it’s a living room, the nicest idea is to cover the fireplace with a faded mirror to make it stand out, and of course you can make a cool mirror wall if you want.

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