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Antique Fireplace Ideas

Autumn is coming and everyone is looking for ways to add cosiness and warmth to the interior. Fireplaces have always been used to keep rooms warm and they could be found in literally any room. If your house is old enough, you must have one or more beautiful pieces and you don’t even know how lucky you are! Vintage items are extremely on trend these days, and adding just one or two will refine your interior and give it character. An antique fireplace is one of those features that instantly creates a beautiful ambience, even if it doesn’t work. If you style it right, you will make it.

Not working chimneys

If you have an antique fireplace that you can’t use for some reason, you can always use it again. Place your books and magazines in it – such a creative storage space gives your interior a special touch and you do not need a separate storage space. You can turn the piece into a cool display that goes with your interior by placing some vintage suitcases, a globe or some souvenirs, for example. Another idea is to create your own fireplace with candles. Just put lots of candles in and maybe on the mantelpiece as well. Light all the candles and you will get a very cozy atmosphere. Another way to style your fireplace is to display firewood and possibly a forged screen. In this way you imitate a working fireplace and create a cozy atmosphere.

Working chimneys

If you can use the fireplace, you are incredibly lucky! An antique fireplace will transform your room into a beautiful one, it will make it warm, refined and beautiful. Remember that the fireplace should be safe: you can surround it with marble, stone or metal and add a metal or glass panel. Also, design the mantelpiece – you can display your photos, paintings, figurines and candles on it. A vintage fireplace fits perfectly in any room, especially a bedroom, living room or bathroom, and turns the latter into a spa.

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