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Antique Chinese Lamps Lanterns

Traditional Asian architecture and designs have always inspired people, and it is even more common today. More and more designers and architects take inspiration from these two points and create unique objects based on what they see. The lamp we share today is one of them and it is inspired by Chinese lanterns.

Mario Tsai has just released the lantern lighting series, which includes a desk lamp, a floor lamp and a chandelier. The trio of lights, inspired by the centuries-old Chinese lanterns, is withdrawn to create a streamlined shape with simple lines. The lamps look unusual as they are modern and antique at the same time.

The open, capsule-shaped shapes come with lampshades made of either metal mesh or glass, depending on the type of light intensity and appearance desired. The metal grille allows light to escape through the perforated openings and creates shadows at the same time. The glass shows an even cascade of light. There are different finishes: white, brass and black or brass for the glass version, choose yours!

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